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French Trip 9th/13th September 2004

Coucy le Chateau

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On the 9th September our 7 cars met at the Franglais wine warehouse, stocked up with wine and travelled the 150 miles south to Coucy le Chateau to explore the Aisne and Oise area. Visits were planned for Compiegne, Pierrefonds and Laon, but it was the fortified town of Coucy le Chateau, where we stayed that we probably enjoyed most. Here a some photographs of our visit. There are further photographs on George's web site, page 98.

Those on the trip were: George & Shelagh Newell, Jim & Gill Ballantyne, Dave Turner, Terry & Larraine Hockley-Moore, Peter & Margaret Sheldon, Les & Pearl Pratt and Roy & Jennifer Biddle

The Belle Vue our hotel in Coucy

Part of the ramparts of Coucy

Secluded and secure parking ---

 ---in the courtyard behind the hotel

Another view of Coucy's ramparts

The "Laon" gate where we entered Coucy

Jim knows his place

Drinks on arrival in the shade of the trees

The Armistice Clearing near Compiegne

The Compiegne National Stud

Gill gets friendly with a big fella

The stallion poses with Gill & Larraine

We can't get Gill & Larraine to leave we're all outside

The evening meal table at the hotel, the unattended bowl of soup is mine!

Same table, same night, other end - stripes are in

Yes but what's a chip worth to you?

Liquers sur le terrase 10pm in mid September

 Panthers below the massive Pierrefonds Chateau

Pearl's "Del Boy" Iced (Peach) Tea

The abbey of St. Nicholas aux Bois in the forest of St Gobain

Thought I ought to include a Panther in the picture

It's alright the mayor let us park here (cough cough)

Laon - more grub in the sunshine

We drove our convoy of Panthers ------

------ through these crowded streets

Viewpoint and photo opportunity on the Chemin des Dames

more drinks on the terrace

what are they watching?

this - Circus horses in ring set up in the square

Big cat with a familiar name

Exotic lady in chamois leather has unusual pet. Her act was one of many "laid on" by the town free of charge over the 11th/12th September.

Jim wanted to leather his car off with her and I never knew so many of the men had cameras

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