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Breakfast Run

January 4th 2009


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It was a bright day, but not the sunny one the weather forecast predicted the night before and absolutely freezing! The Breakfast Run was organised by Colin Mole of The Chelmer Valley Car Meet (CVCM) and was limited to 35 people. Perhaps it was the freezing weather or perhaps many cars being SORN, but it was a little disappointing that a significant number did not turn up in their classic cars. I counted 10 classics, when there should have been about 18. We met at Morrison's supermarket at Maldon 10am and then made the short drive to Heybridge Basin, parked up and then took the short walk along the towpath the the welcoming Ship pub and warmth! Heybridge looked picturesque but very different to when I last saw it in the summer. In fact it was different to any previous time I've been there in the last 20 years. The canal was completely frozen over and with the lock gates being regularly opened to the estuary, this water must be quite salty.

People may not have come in their classics, but they were certainly there for the breakfast! The room was full. hot coffee and conversation kept us occupied until our very welcome breakfasts arrived. Then there was a period of comparative silence whilst we attended to the need to down what was in front of us - and very good it was too.

Breakfast over, we bade everyone farewell and walked back up the tow path to the cars and home. Hero of the day was Peter Heales who actually drove with his roof off.  A few photos are shown below, unfortunately they're not of great quality, the most interesting is probably the frozen canal.




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