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Beale Park Classic Car and Boat Show

Sunday 6th June 2010

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Club members had the choice of two events for this Sunday. The Wessex area opted for Beale Park and the Essex area for Picnic in the Park. Jennifer and I didn't attend either as we were on holiday in Italy, but Alex Bradshaw kindly provided the details and photographs of the Beale Park event that follow.

Beale Park is a picturesque venue on the banks of the Thames near Reading. The event is a combined classic car and boat show, with other sideshows as well. Watching the swimming abilities of the Newfoundland dogs as they carry out demonstration rescues in the water is always popular as are the leisurely boat trips on the Thames. The weather wasn't bad at times it looked as though it might rain and at others it was sunny.

We had 4 cars on show belonging to Les and Pearl Pratt, Colin Pratt, Tony and Helen Burley and Alex Bradshaw. At this point Colin's Lima was still giving intermittent problems, but I understand that these have been traced to a broken distributer and all is now well. Fingers crossed Colin!






       Setting up camp on arrival













 I know there are only 4, but it is a nice straight line. George would have approved.












   Classic old steamer, what a beautiful boat.











Whoever owns this vehicle, couldn't make up his mind if he wanted a car or a boat. Perhaps it is a forerunner of the Amphicar.












   Looks like a car from the front alright













A naval cutter with a slightly out of period nuclear submarine surfacing astern.











  If you look closely - its submerged again.












This picture is hard to believe, Helen is sitting at that table and there is not a home made cake, tart or pie to be seen! Was she ill?

The empty chair belongs to Alec.











  The Newfoundlands  get ready to do their stuff. Can you imagine the journey home in the car. You can't beat the smell of wet dog!!











This band played throughout the day and if it is the same band that plays at the RSPCA Day they're very good.











    No day out to Beale Park is complete without a trip on the river. Tony opted out - bad sailor?












The river Thames at this point is a far different river from the muddy tidal one you see much further downstream.







Thanks Alec for the photographs and the details of what you did throughout the day. If I've misunderstood anything, let me know


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