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Beale Park Classic Car and Boat Show

Sunday June 7th 2009

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 Due to dismal weather only two of the three couples down to go to this event actually went. However, the two that did were rewarded with a fine sunny relaxing day. The event takes place on the banks of the Thames and as you would expect for a "Boat Show" there was much activity in the water.

Highlight of the day though was Les being "given" a Panther Lima that was in need of restoration! All he had to do was collect it. Les was very excited at the prospect of the project, but his dreams were dashed when he rang up to arrange a time to pick it up. The family's 17 year old son had decided that he would like to work on it and get it back on the road and they withdrew their offer. Ah well!

Four photos were taken, one of the cars and their occupants and three of the Newfoundland Dogs "rescuing"  and towing people back to shore. Unfortunately, the quality of the photos is not good as they are photos of photos. 



Les and Pearl and Tony and Helen relax behind their cars and enjoy unexpected sun all day. Apparently the promised rain did arrive, but by then they were on their way home.





The 3 pictures below show the various activities with the Newfoundland dogs.





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