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Battlesbridge 22nd Grand Motorbilia Day

Sunday 28th September 2008  

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This year the Battlesbridge show was bigger than ever - much bigger! So big that it caused major problems on the local roads. If you didn't arrive early, it probably took you anything up to one and a half hours to get in and as John and Pam Edwards discovered the police eventually became involved and directed cars to another field that had to be opened up for classic car entrants. The weather was absolutely glorious and this probably contributed to the chaos as many did not have tickets and were paying on the day. It was a good event, but they will have to come up with a revised entry method for next year.

We had a good turnout of 11 cars and could  have done with a little more space. We were not in our usual spot, but had a good site against the hedge on the other side of the field, which was useful as we were able to discreetly park the hatchback behind the gazebo. Some of the bikers found this useful as well - they used it to store their leathers and helmets! John and Linda, that couple of many forms of transport, had a very social day, as their friends in the Gold Wing club were parked next to us.

The music was good (well I enjoyed it) and although some of the queues at some of the food and beer tents were long, you didn't have to wait long to be served. Our "field kitchen" was set up in the gazebo and as is the tradition our 2 little stoves provided either a fried bacon or hot sausage roll together with coffee or tea as people arrived. Bacon rolls seemed to be the favourite, consequently, I'll be eating sausages for the next 2 weeks! The autojumble was extensive and with the large number of people present, the stall holders probably went home happy.

The day passed extremely quickly and in no time at all, it was "all hands on deck" dismantling the gazebo, banners, tables etc and bundling it all back into the hatchback. Some of us had accepted Malcolm and Liz's invitation to go back to their place for a BBQ, whilst others were going straight home (they obviously hadn't heard about Malcolm's speciality of rotisseried meat - pork this time) . To these we bade farewell and drove the short distance to Rettenden. Malcolm, Liz and helpers did us proud once again and when we left I swear the ground clearance of my Panther was far less than when we arrived.

Photographs of the day follow, not all mine, and I thank you for emailing them through.


Great to see John & Linda's magnificent Deville out and about again. That grill causes havoc with a digital camera!

Not quite enough room for all our cars and a gazebo. Mark's had to be parked facing down the line.

The line from the other end. The cars were much photographed especially the Deville.

John and Pam's lonely little Lima parked in the overspill car park.

The club poster created a lot of interest, with comments like "I never knew they made all those models"

A relaxing group soaking up the sun.

Lunch time!  Nice to see Elaine hasn't forgotten us - it was really great to see her.  Only one of those beers is for me - the larger one

Like others, Sharon and Steve do not have a computer and without a club magazine have difficulty knowing what is going on. So I sent them a list of events and lo and behold here they are! 

Collette and Pearl looking relaxed - Note the light blue enamel kettle. You think you've remembered everything then "where's the kettle?" a quick rummage around the antique stalls and this one was bought for 5. I tried to rent it off him for 2 and give it back at the end of the day, but he wouldn't budge.

Malcolm and Mark - the likely lads

 John and Pam arrive at last and have a well earned cuppa. They deserve a medal for persistence. I think that if I'd been confronted with an hour and a half queue to get in after travelling up from Basingstoke, I would have turned around and gone home.

And Pam's still smiling!

Relax and catch up with all the chat

 Panther Corner

Not street legal without mudguards, but according to the owner the police turn a blind eye if the driver looks mature and responsible. Don't tell Jen but I'd like one!

View of one aisle of the autojumble

Just a view to try and convey the size of the event now

and another - there wasn't a space to spare.

We were next to the bikes, including the Goldwing Club.

The BBQ - drinking, chatting, waiting to be fed - what a way to round off the day!

Liz and helpers

I'm definitely going to get one of these. that meat was delicious - pork this time.

The chef extraordinaire and he didn't burn anything - I always thought that was compulsory.

And finally Monika shows LaLa who's in charge.

Those with cars on display were John & Linda Deed, Terry Hockley-Moore, Dave Turner, Les & Pearl Pratt, Alec & Mary Bradshaw, Mark & Collette Kingswell, Cliff Benton and Elaine Wigham (Yvonne working), Steve and Sharon Johnson, John & Pam Edwards, Malcolm Jones and Jennifer and yours truly Roy Biddle. Thank you all for coming and making it such an enjoyable day. Special thanks go to Les for helping me set everything up on Saturday and Malcolm and Liz for their hospitality at the end of the day.

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