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Barleylands Classic Car Show

July 12th 2009


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It rained heavily all night Saturday, the weather forecast for Sunday was not good, the Barleylands show in 2008 was not a great one  and it looked like we would only have 3 of the original 5 cars booked in coming. I didn't have great expectations for the Sunday.


Lo and behold the sun shone all day, the Barleylands event has improved immensely  and although we only managed to get 2 Panthers on site, the day was very enjoyable and part of it an absolute "hoot".

Cliff and Yvonne were unable to come in their Panther, because in trying to remove the thermostat housing to solve an overheating problem he snapped 2 studs off. He now has the unenviable task of drilling them out and possibly re-tapping. He also discovered that the housing was corroded through. Anyone have a spare thermostat housing for a 2.8 V6? Meanwhile he is going to try and mend the hole with some of that magical aluminium welding alloy (Alutiaht) that the Swedish fellow has been demonstrating for years at various shows. Watch this space.

There was some autojumble at the show and there was also the boot fair in the adjoining field, but neither of these were particularly good. However, the cars were many and good as was the Greenwoods commentary from the arena. Where we were we could hear him clearly and he was obviously very knowledgeable about cars. We decided to test his knowledge further and took the two Kallistas into the arena. We followed a beautiful Dax Cobra in and he initially described it as a kit car, and then then changed his description to replica when he discovered that it was totally built by Dax and cost 45,000! As we drove in he said "from one kit car to another". We then heard a bellow from Cliff and the ladies standing on the sidelines "NO its not! The interview was hilarious, he obviously knew next to nothing about Panthers and what he did know was inaccurate. Mark and I exchanged exasperated glances and tried to put him right, but as fast as we corrected one statement another would be forthcoming. Poor fellow he was dying a death out there trying to maintain his reputation. I remember George vowing he wouldn't take his car in the ring again because of similar situations. Give the man credit though, he started talking at 10am and was still going strong at 4pm when we left. When we go to Knebworth and if the same bloke is commentating, I think we should take one of each model into the ring and do our own commentary, - either that or give him a fact sheet to read out.

Altogether it was a very enjoyable day, it would have been nice to have more cars present, but the low number was understandable as we have the big event at Kimbolton next week and with such a full events calendar you cannot expect people to attend everything.

Present were: Mark and Collette Kingswell, Cliff and Yvonne Benton and Roy and Jennifer Biddle.






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