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Charity Classic Car Fun Run

24th April 2011

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This very popular event was organised jointly by The Charity Classic Vehicle Club (CCVC) and tThe Chelmer Valley Car Meet (CVCM). This year the charity supported was The Macmillan Cancer Support. Around 200 cars were booked onto the event and due to the excellent weather most of that 200 were on the tour. Richard Shephard had drawn up a great route from the Bull at Brentwood to Audley End House, which took in virtually all the most picturesque villages in West Essex by the time we arrived at Audley End.


Our 5 cars, belonging to Mark & Collette Kingswell, Peter & Leigh Heales, Cliff & Yvonne Benton, Dave Turner and myself (Roy Biddle) had pride of place in the Bull car park as we were to be the "trail blazers". We had been asked if we could leave earlier than the rest, consequently arrive first at Audley End and and organise the parking there.


Fortunately, initially Cliff & Yvonne and later Mark & Collette were up to the task of following the instructions and apart from one unplanned excursion up a tiny country lane which was further complicated by 2 riders of rather skittish horses we managed to stay on the correct route. We'd turned left after crossing the bridge in Great Bardfield, but should have turned left after the bridge in Finchingfield over a mile further on!














The Bull pub opened early to serve breakfasts and tea or coffee. Quite enterprising of them and I'm sure quite rewarding as there was around 400 people in their car park!













Having just heard that he and Yvonne have drawn the short straw, Cliff studies the route instructions, which I must say were very good.

They included tulip diagrams of the junctions and also the distances between each instruction.














As planned we were the first to arrive of those who followed the planned route and consequently had pride of place just in front of the house. A half dozen cars did arrive before us, but they drove straight there. Once parked we donned high vis jackets and prepared to park the rest of the cars in neat lines facing down to the lake.


Dave and I were on "gate" duty, with strict instructions to not let anyone in who hadn't a ticket. We were both on different gates but both had the same problems with members of the general public who were determined to get in without paying, even when it was pointed out to them that it was a CHARITY event.


Mark resigned after being told that he wasn't leaving enough space between the cars "they're valuable cars you know". However, he did tell the "official" in no uncertain manner where to go before he withdrew his labour.








The general scene from the position of our cars. The gorgeous weather was in stark contrast to our last visit here when it was absolutely freezing.














 A new baby Panther has put in an appearance. Quite a bit smaller than the one Alec & Mary lug around.
















4 pots of tea and some cake - how genteel!















Audley End house and grounds looked absolutely wonderful in the spring sunshine. The view from the bridge back towards the house gives you some idea of the number of cars on show.















This picture and the 3 that follow illustrate the variety of the cars present. Some of them are very old and it is worth remembering that they have been driven all the way up from the Bull at Brentwood.













I don't think you could get a starker contrast than these three vehicles.



How much is the  Bentley below worth 250,000?

And yes, I know I've included a picture of a M#*@+n, but that was because there was only one, yes only one  - that's a result


And finally if you tired of looking at cars, you could always go and watch the cricket being played on the other side of the lake.





































Altogether a fine start to the season


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