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Audley End Classic car Show

Sunday 20th June 2010

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We've been trying to get to a Classic Car Show at Audley End for some time, but had given up trying because they stated that they wouldn't be doing any more. Then out of the blue this one was announced. We jumped at the chance to once again go to this interesting and beautiful venue, but in order to do so we had to miss the Hylands Park event that was on the same day.

"Flaming June"   -  the morning of the 20th June turned out to be anything but and our journey to Audley was cold, windy and even had a bit of drizzle thrown in. Still compared to Woburn earlier in the season the weather was acceptable! We all arrived somewhere near the 9:30 time when we should all have been in situ and had a great spot on the lawn in front of the house. We soon realised that it was going to be no fun sitting in the cold biting wind without protection for 7 hours so we enquired if we could erect the gazebo. The answer was "NO!". No tents, windbreaks, even banners were to be put up as they involved driving pegs into the ground and this was not allowed for archaeological reasons. We did get permission to put the gazebo up on the picnic grounds some distance away and Dennis and I promptly attempted to do so. However, the strong winds made it impossible and even split one of the metal poles.

The tea rooms and Audley End House were proving popular places to get a warm up. Slowly the weather began to change. The temperature increased and by around lunch time the sun came out and people began to strip off and enjoy the day. Although Jennifer and I had been to Audley before, we had never been inside the house and were pleasantly surprised how interesting it is. Also by looking out of the rear windows of the house you realise how extensive the grounds are. In the front are the lawns leading down to the lake and beyond, whilst at the back are formal gardens and yet more lawns leading up to another folly. Entry to all this was  free to us Classic Car owners.

We had seven cars in our line up: Dennis & Pauline Power, Mark & Collette Kingswell, George and Tony Ansell (G&T), Peter & Leigh Heales, Cliff & Yvonne Benton, Steve & Sharron Johnson, and Roy & Jennifer Biddle. Jennifer still can't get into a Kallista, but Leigh Heales kindly offered to bring her in the Heales' family saloon. Thanks Leigh it was really appreciated. And thanks to you all for supporting the event.

I can't speak for everyone, but our drive home in the warm sunshine through Saffron Waldon, Thaxted, Dunmow, Chelmsford etc was great and was a reminder of how enjoyable owning a Panther can be.

Photographs of the day follow:




 A distant view of the house and the cars lined up on the lawn in front of it. As you can see it was not a huge event. There were probably about 60 cars. However, there were enough to keep the public interested and once the sun came out we seemed to be answering questions about the cars and Panther history all afternoon.  Including one perspective owner.









The stables were interesting with interactive historical displays and of course Captain a lovely 35 year old ex polo pony who takes pride of place.











The lake and the road bridge over it make a nice setting











Another view of the attractive "river". There was no sign of the unattractive green algae that I have seen covering these waters in the past.













From this picture you can get some idea of the initial weather and the number of cars present.







The relatively small size of the show means I can include pictures of all the cars there!  This is line 1











              Line 2










                       Line 3











               and Line 4












     A picture of the cars from inside the house














A closer view of our 7 cars with Peter's recently acquired Ferrari substitute this end. Peter is not neglecting his 308 and ensures me that he gives it a run out a least once a week.












Mark and Collettes 2.9i is the other "book end"














     Lunch time  - note the bit of blue sky starting to appear on the    horizon!












It's getting warm enough for Dennis and Pauline to emerge from their 1.6. A Lot better than Woburn though isn't it Pauline?















There we are Dennis and Pauline that's not too bad is it?













Tony Ansell and his dad George join us for the first time. It was nice to meet them. If you want to know anything about Panthers ask Tony, he seems to have read and remembered every article that is in club magazines and /or on the internet.

At first I didn't recognise that bald headed bloke to Sharon's left, then the penny dropped, it's Steve without his hat! A sight never before seen.













 By the time we were packing up to go home it was really hot. Note the shirt sleeves, blue skies and shadows.














Everyone is starting to make their goodbyes and expressing what a good day it has turned out to be. Pepper and Pickles enjoyed it as well and behaved impeccably when left in a cat owners care whilst their "Mum" went to look around the house.


Thanks to Leigh we managed to get Jennifer to an event. All I've got to do now is find a way of getting her into the Kallista. There's no way she could get into a Lima, a Deville won't fit my garage or pocket, a J72 is too spartan and expensive and you can't put the roof down on a Rio.

How strong are those luggage racks Peter makes?




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