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Tour of the Belgian Ardennes

9th to 14th September 2009



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As per the practice over the last few years, the group met up at the Hotel L'Escalles at Cap Blanc Nez just outside Calais. This arrangement seems to work well as not only does it give us an extra evening to enjoy together, but it also helps those who live a long distance from the channel crossing points to recover before we travel on to our holiday destination. We've been staying at the Hotel L'Escalles for so long now, that the owners know most of us by name and no introductions are necessary. Just 10 cars were on the trip, only 2 down on last year and in view of the euro exchange rate and other credit problems I think that was remarkable. Hotel L'Escalles served us well, but they'll have to do something about the chaos in the restaurant. Ever since they stopped charging the meals to the room number, the waitresses have no idea who ordered what and we have difficulty understanding what we ordered in French. Consequently, it is not unheard of for someone to be eating someone else's dinner! Next year, even if the meal is not charged to the room we will insist they as least note the room number against each order.

On the trip this year were: Les & Pearl Pratt, Dennis & Pauline Power, Malcolm & Liz (dormouse) Jones, Tony & Sue Hulland, John & Sue Gibson, Dave Turner, Alec & Mary Bradshaw, John & Linda Deed, Peter & Leigh Heales and Roy & Jennifer Biddle. All regulars on these annual trips.





The usual first night pictures taken in the L'Escalles resturant.


First from one end............











.............and then the other


















with a couple of others thrown in to..............














...........make sure we haven't left anybody out
















Getting ready for the "off" at 9:30 on Thursday 10th morning.









We were setting out to drive the 208 miles to Smuid in the centre of the Ardennes















After the weather the previous day, it was a pleasant surprise for us to be able to get the hoods down.









Hostellerie Des Tilleuls       Durbuy       Bouillon        Dinant


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